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Hampshire Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) information please click on this link to find out more information.

Holiday, Activity and Food Scheme 2023

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Dear Parents and Carers,


Under the Connect4communities-ProgrammeSupport-for-Vulnerable-Families, all schools have been fortunate enough to have been allocated some money to provide support for parents/carers who may be struggling during these difficult times.


To enable us to use this money for the benefit of as many families as possible, we have provided a questionnaire for you to complete if you feel you would benefit from some support.


Please note, any information you include will only be seen by a few key staff.


The help can be provided in a number of different ways for the following:

  • Energy and water
  • Food e.g. food voucher for Christmas, school meal contribution (KS2)
  • FSM support in the holidays
  • Essentials linked to energy and water - including sanitary products, warm clothing, soap, blankets, boiler service/repair, purchase of equipment including fridges, freezers and ovens
  • Wider essentials e.g. school uniform support with other bills including broadband or phone bills, clothing, and essential transport-related costs such as repairing a car, buying a bicycle or paying for fuel.


Anyone can apply for some support, you do not need to be on benefits or free school meals.

If you think that we would be able to help in some way, please click the link below and complete the form by 9 a.m. on MONDAY 28th NOVEMBER.


Connect4Communities Parent Support Questionnaire


Please be aware that not all requests for support will be successful, however, we will endeavour to support as many families as possible.


With best wishes, 

Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher