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Parent Partnership Service

What is the Parent Partnership Service?

The Parent Partnership Service provides impartial advice, information and support to parents/carers of children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) throughout Hampshire. Our service is available to all families for whom special educational needs play a part.

The Department for Education and Skills SEN Code of Practice recognises that ‘Partnership with parents plays a key role in promoting a culture of co-operation between parents, schools, the Local Education Authority (LEA) and others. This is important in enabling children and young people with SEN to achieve their potential’.

The LEA recognises that parents/carers hold key information and have an important role to play in their child’s education.

The Parent Partnership Service aims to ensure that parents/carers play an informed part in planning provision to meet their child’s special educational needs. We aim to build partnerships between parents/carers, the LEA and schools. We also encourage parents/carers to be involved in the development of local SEN policy and practice.



What help can the Parent Partnership Service give?

We can help by providing information, advice and support to parents/carers at all stages of their child’s school life, from preschool early diagnosis through to leaving school. The Service offers:


  • a confidential helpline for parents/carers
  • general information on special educational needs
  • help for parents/carers to express their views
  • support through the statutory assessment process
  • help to complete forms and to understand complex documents and reports
  • home visits and support at meetings
  • presentations to support groups



Who do they help?

Calls to the Parent Partnership Service are very varied and range from parents/carers who have concerns about the progress their child is making in school, to parents/carers of children with complex difficulties.

We provide impartial advice and information to help you make decisions, and can explore the possible options available to you. We can also help you get your views across to the professionals who are making provision for your child.



Who are the Parent Partnership Officers?

The Parent Partnership Officers have a broad knowledge of education and special educational needs. The team has considerable experience of working with families, schools and voluntary organisations.

Below are some quotes taken from our service questionnaire.


“I spoke to a parent partnership officer who helped enormously and encouraged me”

“The parent partnership officer not only supported us in a meeting at school but was always available on the phone. She certainly empowered us and helped us achieve our aim for our child”

“The help I received from Parent Partnership was excellent especially in completing forms and helping me understand letters and questions that were being asked”

“Without the help from the PPO I would not have been able to understand the paperwork. It is very reassuring knowing they are only a phone call away”



Who are Independent Parental Supporters?

Independent Parental Supporters are trained individuals who provide a service for parents/carers of children with special educational needs. They are independent from schools and the Local Education Authority (LEA). They can be trained volunteers or people nominated by parents/carers – friends, relatives, work colleagues, etc.

The sort of things they might do:

• provide moral support

• obtain information

• assist with writing letters and making contributions to assessments

• be present at meetings or during visits

• discuss letters and other correspondence from the school and LEA.


If you are interested in having their support please contact the Parent Partnership Service.


How can I contact the Parent Partnership Service?

Parent Partnership Service

County Office

The Castle


SO23 8UG

Telephone 01962 845870

(Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)


Answerphone available for out of hours or if we are unable to take your call


e-mail: enquiries.pps@hants.gov.uk

website: www.hants.gov.uk/TC/edpp/pphome.html