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THE adventure starts here! If you’re between 8-10 you could be about to join a world of fun and challenges, it really is an everyday adventure.

Cub Scouts try lots of different activities, one week you might be making fizzy drinks explode, the next you could be visiting the Fire Station. Every week is different.

While you’re having fun, you will be earning badges, there are lots of different ones that you can get.

You will be making new friends and learn to work as a team.


Cubs is for boys and girls, so no one is left out!


Want to know more?

Then come along to a meeting:

Oakridge Church,

Vivian Road,




The South View Federation Support SpotlightUK.


Spotlight UK formerly Peace of Mind Care is a charity aimed to make a difference in people's lives young and old.  They work to make  difference.  To increase confidence, self esteem and social interaction.  Working with the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our community.  


Working with:

  • Socially isolated adults
  • Children from service families
  • Young carers
  • Foster children and children in care
  • Children who have lost parents or siblings
  • Children with special needs, long term disabilities or terminal illnesses
  • Children who have experienced family breakdown or have experienced domestic abuse
  • Children and young people at risk of inclusion or at risk of becoming caught up in crime
  • Children from low income families.


They provide:

  • A place to meet in the Community Centre and Charity Shop
  • Performing Arts
  • Quality, affordable, fun coaching sessions
  • Support and care for everyone, with no exclusions



To find out more about the work of SpotlightUK and what they can offer local families please visit their website http://www.spotlightuk.org/