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Triple P - Positive Parenting Programme


What is Triple P?

Triple P is a Positive Parenting Program that promotes good communication and

strong relationships between parents and children.


This positive approach to parenting helps parents promote their children’s development and manage their children’s behaviour in a constructive and caring way.

Triple P helps parents recognise causes of common child behaviour problems and encourage desirable behaviour in their children.

There are five key principles of positive parenting:

  • ensuring a safe, interesting environment where children can explore, experiment and develop their skills
  • creating a positive learning environment by being available when children need help, care or attention
  • using assertive discipline by being consistent and acting quickly when children misbehave
  • having realistic expectations for children and for yourself as a parent
  • taking care of yourself as a parent and ensuring personal needs are met


The next Group Triple course will be at: South View Junior School, Basingstoke at 12.45pm – 3.10pm

There will be 4 group sessions:

Thursday 6th June 2019

Positive Parenting

Thursday 13th June 2019

Encouraging Desirable Behaviour

Thursday  20th June 2019

Managing Misbehaviour

Thursday 27th June 2019

Planning Ahead

There will then be 1 week of individual telephone

Support (implementing Parenting Routines) on the 4th July 2019

Followed by a final group session on: Thursday 11th July 2019


To secure a place please contact: Allison Powell on 01256 321928 or 07775846036


This course is free. Open to families, carers and grandparents of both Junior and Infant school.

We look forward to seeing you