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Key Stage 1 Reading Schemes

At South View Infant and Nursery we are committed to raising standards in reading and enabling each and every child to become a confident reader, with a life-long love of books.




At South View Infant and Nursery we aim to:

•encourage a love of reading by making it a successful and enjoyable experience;

•produce effective readers;

•provide a wide and stimulating variety of texts;

•build up a sound base of reading strategies using phonic awareness;

•develop initial and advanced reading skills;


Reading Scheme Books

Reading is an important part of the English curriculum in our school. Home reading books are organised on a banding system ensuring the children read books appropriate to their level (the children’s reading should be 99% accurate in these books). These books are provided and sent home on a daily basis for parents to read with their children.

As a school we have a large number of exciting reading books available. The scheme books include Big Cat Phonics, Pearson Phonic Bugs, Oxford Reading Tree Phonics, X Project in addition to a range of real books.


Teaching of Reading

In class, teachers model reading strategies during shared reading sessions, whilst children have the opportunity to develop reading strategies and to discuss texts in detail during guided and independent sessions. Guided reading is the method used to teach individual children to become fluent in reading and the skills of comprehension, inference and deduction. Children are taught according to their individual needs in small groups set according to interests and ability. For fluent readers, guided reading lessons present them with cognitively challenging questions and opportunities for reflective independent study. A best practice model for guided reading would be one in which teachers choose to focus upon texts that match the text/genre being studied in the current learning journey. Reading Journals are used by all children from Year 1 to 2 to document book reviews, comprehension tasks or follow up work to a guided reading session.



Phonics is taught daily in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One following the framework ‘Letters and Sounds’. This involves a 20 minute daily session of planned systematic phonics’ delivery, with a wide opportunity for application of skills through the environment and other lessons. Where appropriate, additional phonic interventions are in place for those children who are reading below age related expectations.


Reading Rewards

All children choose books to take home and read as well as choosing a book from the school library. We have a wide selection of banded books to support appropriate text choices. We still encourage all readers to share a book at home with their grown-ups. We believe that this not only helps to develop inferential skills, but also supports a lifelong love of reading.

In Years R to 2, if a child has read at home with an adult and they have completed 2 pages of their reading record, they receive a reading point for their class. Reading points are collected on a weekly basis and children work towards collecting books marks relating to the school reading theme.

Many exciting and rewarding activities are arranged in school to promote the pleasure and knowledge that can be gained from books such as:

•Taking part in World Book Day

•Travelling Book Fair

•Visiting Authors

•Participating in Hampshire Book Awards