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These are 10-15 min films focussing on supporting primary aged young people with their mental health.

It is a series of activities they can try which will support good mental health. All the films do a check in which encourages YP to think about and understand their emotions. 


  1. Soothing Rhythm Breathing https://youtu.be/vogqBB1Roos
  2. Peaceful Place imagery  https://youtu.be/HwFh4GeINdk
  3. Activity and Boredom Jar https://youtu.be/LS8MOyukIXo
  4. Making a Self Soothe Box https://youtu.be/NT0DVXMpsPs
  5. Muscle Relaxation https://youtu.be/E4C_r5jQJQA
  6. Grounding Exercise https://youtu.be/Oywr4afoB3Q
  7. Body Scan https://youtu.be/VFNqJiGNIB8
  8. 5 Finger Positive https://youtu.be/k7UNfN4vB1A
  9. Breathing Techniques https://youtu.be/OnGm9c6cPB8
  10. Goal Setting https://youtu.be/6xZu4wnHnfw
  11. Getting Sleep https://youtu.be/iXGzz_fpljc
  12. Positive Affirmations https://youtu.be/fqVaFNbQYh0
  13. Colour Breathing https://youtu.be/MSuORDhCSpA
  14. Our Bodies https://youtu.be/azNez8Q8vBk

The mental health triage team are a group of mental health professionals who help and support you with your mental health should you need it. If you live in Hampshire or the Isle of Wight, you can talk to the team by calling 111 or go online at 111.nhs.uk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.