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We are excited to announce that we have launched a smartphone app to improve communication with our entire school community.  The app is free to download and works with iPhones and Android phones.


Please visit The School App  for more information.


As a school, we believe it is essential to work in partnership with parents and carers and part of this is achieved by ensuring that you receive clear, relevant and regular communications.


Benefits of the app for Parents and Carers.

  • The app is secure; you set up a PIN/ Touch ID to access on your phone
  • The app is powered by our school website which means that when you download it, you will have a single place to receive and access important messages along with calendar events, newsletters, latest news and all information pages within the school website
  • You no longer need to go searching for letters at the bottom of school bags
  • Messages appear in your inbox in the condition that they left school; you will receive secure individual and group messages as well as whole school notices
  • We can be certain that you have received the message


Benefits of the app for the school.

  • We will be able to reduce costs as unlike texts, messages we send are free of charge, and it will reduce our admin time by keeping all communication tools within one place


To set up the App

  • Please fill in the online permissions from below so we can send you an invitation to download the app
  • Download the app as a guest user by visiting your app store and searching for TheSchoolApp or simply scan the QR code below using your mobile device



To keep you fully updated, it is important that we have the most up-to-date parent/guardian contact details and emergency contacts for your child. If any information changes throughout the school year, please notify us immediately.


Please feel free to contact the school office if you need any further information about this service.





Request for access to the South View School App

Please include the following information in the message section: .- Child's name - Class - Name of contact to be added - Mobile number - Email address - Relationship to pupil PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL VERIFY YOUR REQUEST FOR ACCESS AGAINST THE CONTACT INFORMATION WE HOLD IN SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD.