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Applying for a secondary school place - Year 7

Dear Parent/Carer


Parent Applying for a secondary school (Year 7) place


This letter contains important information about how to apply for your child’s secondary school place for September 2024.


How to apply Applications open for Hampshire residents on Monday 11 September 2023.

You can apply online at hants.gov.uk/admissions. You must apply to Hampshire County Council even if you wish to apply for schools in another local authority.

If you do not live in Hampshire (including Portsmouth and Southampton) you must apply through your home local authority.


Using the online system (Education Online Portal) If you have used the Education Online Portal before, you will be able to log in using the same e-mail address and password. Please check your details are up to date in the ‘My Account’ section of the portal before starting your school application. If you have not used the online portal before, you will need to register by clicking on the ‘Register’ button and following the onscreen instructions. You will be sent an email from the system containing a link to the log in screen. You can then log in using your e-mail address and password.


The deadline for applications is midnight on Tuesday 31 October 2023. Admissions Team 0300 555 1377.


It is very important that you submit your application by this date. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered until after all on -time applications have been processed, which means late applicants are less likely to be offered a place at one of their preferred schools.


Before completing your application

Before completing your application, please read the online guidance on applying for a school place at hants.gov.uk/admissions. The website also contains an A – Z of all Hampshire maintained schools, including details of each school’s admission arrangements, contact details, Ofsted reports etc.


Secondary schools will hold open days/evenings. It is recommended that you visit the schools you are interested in, including your catchment school. Schools also publish information on their website and in their prospectus, available from the schools on request.


Some schools, especially faith schools, may require you to complete a supplementary information form (SIF) in addition to the Hampshire application form. Please check the admission policy for each of your preferred schools to find out if a supplementary information form is required.


Before choosing which schools to apply for, you will need to think about how your child will get to school.

Visit hants.gov.uk/educationandlearning/schooltransport to help plan your journey and find out what criteria must be met to be eligible for help with transport. Where parents name their catchment school as one of their three preferences and a place is not available, assistance may be offered to the closest school, where the other qualifying eligibility criteria is met. You should therefore name your catchment school as one of your preferences if you wish to be considered for transport assistance.


If you are unable to apply online, you can request a paper form and a copy of Hampshire’s brochure for parents “A parent’s guide to applying for a school place in the main admission round - School Year 2024/2025” by emailing the Admissions Team at admissions.team@hants.gov.uk.


Yours sincerely


Louise Crolla

Principal Admissions Officer (Secondary schools)