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Coronavirus Update 04.05.2020

Dear Parents,
I hope you all had a good weekend - staying at home, with the weather forecast suggesting the sun will be returning this week.
If you made an application for a year R or a Year 3 place, you should have accepted the place by midnight on Friday 1st May. If you have not yet accepted the place you have been offered, please ring the school office to do so. If you no longer require the place please ring us so that we can offer the place out as both schools have waiting lists.
Remember if your child is attending school please send them in with their learning packs and a sun hat in the sunny weather.
We still have food available at both schools - call in at either school and we can provide you with a small selection of products: Bagels, beans. porridge and cereal.
The school will remain open on Friday even though it is a Bank Holiday for key workers and vulnerable pupils. To book your child in just ring either school office. Remember you will need some ID to show you are a key worker.
Thank you to Mrs Morton for staying up until 3 o'clock in the morning to ensure that FSM vouchers were ordered. I am sure you heard on the news of the issues with the site, but Mrs Morton was determined our parents weren't going to miss out! Dedication to duty!!!
If you haven't yet taken advantage of the vouchers, then it is not too late to apply.
Finally - can I remind those attending school that if you usually pay for breakfast club or your child's school dinners then you will still need to do so. You can still pay online or in person at the office.
Stay safe
Best wishes

Mrs Sheila Pape