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Coronavirus Update 14.05.2020

Dear Parents,


As I am sure you are aware there has been a lot of new guidance and advice given out this week by the government about schools, social distancing and returning to work.
Here at South View we are working on a plan to prepare us for a return to school once the go ahead has been given to us by the government.
At the moment we are planning for children in nursery, Year R and Year 1 as well as year 6 to return at some point during the week beginning the 1st June - in line with government guidelines. You should be aware that the 1st June was originally planned as an INSET day, however this will no longer be the case.
We do realise that some of you may well be apprehensive about sending your children back to school whilst the virus is still not under control. As I have said in a previous update, we will do all we can to ensure the school is as safe as possible for staff, pupils and parents. The exact plans will be provided towards the end of next week but in the meantime I would like an idea of how many of you intend to send your children back to school for the year groups stated.
So, if you have a child in year 6, please can you ring the school office next Monday or Tuesday and let us know whether or not your child will be returning that first week in June if we are allowed to open. Please note, if you still feel that it is not in your child's best interests due to health concerns, or due to a concern about another vulnerable person in your household, and you choose not to send your child in to school, you will NOT be fined for non attendance. At this point in time the safety of our children and families is paramount.
For nursery, year R and year 1, please can you ring school on Wednesday (nursery), Thursday (Year R) and Friday (Year 1) to inform us if you intend to send your child in to school as mentioned above. Again - if you choose not to, you will NOT be fined as I have said earlier.
You will appreciate that young children find it very hard to maintain social distancing so I do need an idea of the numbers of children who are likely to return to then be able to plan classes and staffing accordingly.
Children may not be with their usual teacher and the school day will still not be a 'typical day', instead they will be accessing a limited amount of work which can be covered safely.
The government have asked that only 1 person brings the children to school and the same person collects them so as to reduce different contacts. Parents will not be allowed into the school, you will drop your child off at a designated place and then you will need to leave the site immediately, not stopping to interact with other adults. These are all measures designed to reduce the spread of the virus.
Once plans are finalised, and more information provided from the government, I will update you again.
Please continue to do all you can to keep you and your families safe. I do look forward to being able to speak to you face to face again but in the meantime please do not hesitate to ring me if you have any queries or need support.
As always - food still available -please contact the school office if you would like to come and collect some.
Remember to continue to socially distance and that includes your children. Parents have reported to me that they have seen other children out playing. Children are not allowed to play with children from other households as this could well be a transmission route for the virus. They should still be staying within their own households.
So please stay safe
With best wishes

Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher