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Coronavirus Update 21.05.2020

Dear Parents,


Thank you to all of you who have rung in to inform us of your decision regarding whether or not you intend to send your child back to school from the 1st June, should the government make that decision for us to open. 


The year groups which the government have prioritised are nursery, year R, year 1 and Year 6. The provision for key worker's children and vulnerable children will continue but, if their year group has returned, then the government have made it clear they must return to their respective year group full time.


Once year 1 parents have telephoned tomorrow to inform us of their intentions, then I can finalise plans - but at the moment we will be able to open to all of the year groups requested in the government guidance, once instructed to do so, unless the situation changes. However, I will just reiterate that there is no guarantee the children, in either school, will be with their usual teacher or support assistant, nor in their own classroom. Children will be given a classroom with a number of other children from their year group which will be called a 'school family' and they will stay in this room and with their 'family' each day as there is to be no mixing of groups. Neither staff nor children will be allowed to visit other 'school families' except in exceptional circumstances.


My plans are based on the number of parents who have asked for their children to return. This will be reviewed every week and if parents who have currently opted to keep them at home then choose to return their child at a later date, then they can do so but only once they have agreed this in advance as further plans will need to be implemented should numbers increase further.


At the moment these are all just PLANS. No final decision has been made by the Government that wider opening of school will go ahead as they have been clear this will only happen if it is safe to do so and their criteria has been met. My understanding is that this decision will be made next Thursday and at that point I will be able to update you in more detail.


We are open as usual next week for Key worker and vulnerable children except on the Bank Holiday. Food and support will still be available should you need them.


Change of INSET days

I also need to inform you that I have had to change one of the INSET days planned for 2020-2021. Monday 7th June 2021 was one of the dates we had identified as an INSET day, this has now been changed to Friday 25th June 2021. The other dates were: 2-10-20; 2-11-20; 12-2-2021 and 4-5-2021.


In the meantime enjoy this continuing lovely weather. Maintain social distancing and remember that 1 person from your household can meet 1 other person from a different household, but only in a public place and you must stay 2 metres apart.


Finally keep safe and hope to see you soon.


best wishes


Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher