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Coronavirus Update 30.04.2020

Thursday 30th April 2020


Dear Parents,


For the first time in a long while I am writing this update and it is raining outside rather than the sun shining. In fact the rain has been so heavy we had 2 ducks waddling around by the allotment, I think they thought the playground was a pond as it was that wet and shiny.


You have probably heard more on the news about the FSM voucher system and the issues they are having due to demand. Many of you have had queries about your vouchers and Mrs Morton has added some guidance for you here  so you can see when your vouchers are likely to arrive.


Learning packs and study guides.

We have some packs which have still not been collected. Staff are contacting these parents to remind them that there is work for their children to complete as we are concerned that the children will fall behind with their learning as other children in their year group are working through the planned work. It is important the children try to keep up with the learning which has been set by the teachers so they keep pace with their peer group.


Tonight the Prime Minister has announced we are past the peak of this virus, which is good news, but the social distancing measures and lockdown arrangements are still in place so please make sure that you still follow these.


Remember that we have bagels, porridge, cereal and beans in school if you need food. Just call in at either school office and bring a bag with you.


Stay Safe, Protect the NHS and Save Lives


With very best wishes


 Sheila Pape
Executive Headteacher