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Coronavirus Update Letter 07.04.2020

Tuesday 7th April 2020                                    


Good afternoon,

I write this on yet another sunny day and although it is very tempting to go out, we must still ensure we stick rigidly to the instruction from the government to stay home, stay safe and save lives.


The FSM vouchers should be starting to arrive in your email inbox (or your junk folder) very soon and I have been informed today that the government have agreed to extend the voucher scheme and make them accessible for the 2 weeks of the Easter holiday for those families who are eligible but whose children are not in school If you have already submitted your contact email for your e-voucher you will automatically receive them, hopefully by the end of the week. I would like to thank my admin teams who have been working very hard in coordinating this voucher scheme - it has been a time consuming exercise for them and I know they are working during this holiday period to ensure they reach you as soon as is possible. If you feel you may be eligible for FSM and have not yet sent your email address in please do so as soon as possible to avoid missing out – the vouchers are worth £15 per child per week.  It’s still not too late to register for FSM to be part of the e-voucher scheme – if you meet the criteria set out on our ‘Apply for Free School Meals page’ (under the Parents’ tab) on our website then please select the online link to the FSM Hub.  The school is notified if you are eligible so you don’t need to do any more after applying.


Reminder about learning packs. These are available for years 1,3,4 and 5. If you haven't collected your child's pack yet please call into the relevant office. Year 6 were all given their packs before the school closed and Year 2 will be receiving some study books as soon as they are delivered to school. Learning packs for Early Years will also be available later this week.


This week we have had fewer children attending school and so have only been running one infant class. We will review this next week when the numbers look to increase again.


For those of you who are at home with your children and are not attending the school please remember that we are still at the end of the phone if you have any worries. We will do what we can to help and support you.


Please take care and keep maintaining the social distancing, the washing of your hands and the staying in. I know the children will be wanting to go and visit their friends, but they must understand how dangerous that can be as they could easily be spreading the virus to another household, or bringing it back into yours.


Stay safe.


Best wishes


Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher