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Coronavirus Update Letter 10.04.2020

Friday 10th April 2020                                    


Dear Parents,


The incredibly fine weather seems to be continuing and it is lovely that we can enjoy it. However, please remember that we should not be out and about as this will spread the virus further. Stay in, stay safe and SAVE LIVES.


We have now come to the end of week 3 of the lockdown and school closures. As of yet I do not know what will happen at the end of the official Easter holiday period but I hope to be able to clarify arrangements at some point next week when I know. (or hear it on the news first!)


Learning packs: The Early Years packs are now ready for collection. These will be available on Monday at the following times from the infant school reception. Only 1 person at a time will be allowed in to collect their pack, and no children should be brought in with you. If you have to bring children with you then they will need to remain outside whilst you collect the pack. It is only a small reception area and we cannot adhere to the 2 metre distancing rule if there is more than one person in there.

Surnames A-C    9.00 – 10.00 a.m.

Surnames D-I   10.00 – 11.00 a.m.

Surnames J-P    11.00 – 12.00

Surnames Q-T    1.00 – 2.00p.m.

Surnames U-Z    2.00 – 3.00p.m.

We have taken delivery of some of the orders we have placed for study books for other year groups but unfortunately only some of the orders have arrived and therefore we are not yet in a position to send these out. Again, I will let you know when they are ready for collection.

FSM vouchers: The government have decided to extend the availability of these vouchers (£15 per week per child) for the duration of the Easter holiday. If you are entitled to FSM and have not yet sent us your email address so that you can access the vouchers, then please do as soon as possible.


For infant children send your email address to n.freathy@southview-inf.hants.sch.uk and for junior children send your email address to c.evans@southview-jun.hants.sch.uk.


If you are not eligible for FSM but are finding it difficult to feed your family, please ring school and we will try to help you. We have different ways in which we can provide food for families so please do not be afraid to ask.


This week has been a week of low attendance and so we amalgamated three classes into one for the latter part of the week. However next week numbers look to increase again so it may well be we revert to 2 or 3 classes. If you are eligible and would like your child to attend please ensure you ring and book them in so we can plan ahead effectively.


I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff who have given up their time to work during this holiday period. Without them I certainly couldn't have offered the level of support I have been able to, particularly over the 2 Bank Holidays (today and Monday). I really feel this is going above and beyond to help support our key workers and vulnerable children in this time of need. Hopefully you are all doing your part to help support the NHS and save lives by staying in and not socialising with others outside of your household. Sadly another huge number of deaths is being reported as I type this, and the impact of some of these deaths is now being felt locally as there are friends or relatives of our community who have sadly passed away. Our thoughts go out to all of the families and friends of those affected.


Finally I wish you all a lovely Easter Bank Holiday weekend, I hope you manage to enjoy the sunshine and spending time with family members with whom you live. 


Stay Safe, Stay in and Save Lives. Protect our NHS who are doing an amazing job.


If your child would like to draw a rainbow or a NHS Heroes themed picture we would love to see it and display it in a special gallery on our website. 

To take part just take a photo of your child’s drawing and email to office@southview-jun.hants.sch.uk or upload via Facebook messenger on the South View Federation page.


Best wishes


Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher