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Coronavirus Update Letter 23.03.2020

Monday 23rd March 2020


Dear Parents,


Fortunately many of you have been able to keep your children at home where it is safest for them and so we have been able to accommodate all of those working parents who are key workers and provide childcare for them.


Can I remind you that, as per government guidance, children should not be out playing with other children, everyone should be staying at home to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

Some children have told us they have been going out with friends and as stated on the news today, if people ignore the ‘stay at home’ advice it will result in a total lockdown for everyone.

It has been great to hear that many of you are supporting your children at home with their learning. We are working on providing further learning packs for your children which will not be reliant on internet access. We are currently ordering in study books for the year 5 children and once we have them, we will let you know how we will get them to you.


Key stage 2 teachers are considering how we can provide ‘non internet’ based work for other year groups but as you can imagine this is a huge task and therefore it will take a few days so we would appreciate your patience. Not all staff are in every day, as we have to have as few staff as possible on site, again to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. 


Key stage 1 is not quite so easy to plan for in this way as most of their learning is through key skills and therefore they need these skills to be taught to them. However if you keep up with their reading, spelling, phonics and learning times tables this will certainly help them immensely.


Please also remember that on our school website there is the Federation Calculation Policy. This shows you in detail how maths is being taught to the children, with some examples to follow. So if your child becomes ‘stuck’ you can refer them to this or support them yourself by guiding them through the modelling shown in the policy.


Those of you who are entitled to Free School Meals will probably have heard that families are going to be provided with vouchers which you can then use to buy food. We are still waiting to hear when we are to receive these vouchers and as soon as we do, I will let you know.


Please remember to stay safe and keep washing your hands, especially if you have been on public transport or out in the shops touching door handles etc. Remind children to cover their nose/mouth when they cough or sneeze and then to wash their hands. All of these things will further reduce the spread of the virus.


I will provide further updates as more information becomes available for please remember to check the website frequently.


This could be a very lonely time for many of you. The offices will be manned every day and I will be here every day, so if you are struggling with anything at all and think we may be able to help, then please give us a call. 


Stay safe.


Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher