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Covid Update 58 - 05.11.2020

Dear Parents,


As you will be aware the Prime Minister announced a National Lockdown with effect from this morning. Schools are to remain open and I am delighted to say that we have excellent attendance as usual.


We continue to have many measures in place to minimise any transmission of the virus and it is reassuring that parents and staff are being very sensible and erring on the side of caution should anyone they are near be symptomatic and are staying at home until a negative test result is received. It still remains the case that there are no positive cases in either school. 


As I have said before, if you have any symptoms or are in any doubt, please ring into school for advice.


Yesterday afternoon at 3.52p.m. I received the Guidance for Schools regarding lockdown. There is nothing new that we need to put in place which is not already in place, other than Clinically Extremely Vulnerable staff and pupils are advised to stay at home for the duration of the lockdown. You will have received an email or letter from the Government informing you if you fall into this category.


The new lockdown rule regarding only meeting one person who is not your household, is now applicable everywhere. 


This means any adult collecting a child from school should not be meeting up with anyone else on site as everyone will have another child with them and so you will be mixing with at least 2 other people as well as mixing school families. So, please collect your child/children and then leave the site immediately, ensuring your child/children are close by your side and not mixing with other children. They are being kept totally separate at school so then letting them mix out of school is increasing risk of transmission. It remains the case that only one adult should be on site to collect children and please do not arrive before 3p.m. as this is the start of the collection time.


Obviously, the lockdown now prevents any households mixing other than for support bubbles and childcare for working families, so your children should be at home and not out playing with children from other households.


If we all continue to abide by the rules then hopefully, we will get through this lockdown safely.


As has been the case since September, any child off school due to being in isolation whilst they await test results, will have work set for them.


As always, please stay safe.


Keep washing your hands and socially distancing.


Best wishes,

Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher