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Covid Update 59

Dear Parents,


Thank you so much for your continued support with our Covid procedures. Although we are approaching the lifting of the lockdown on December 2nd, it is still essential that we all carry on following the advice. In school our use of hand gel and handwashing procedures are rigorous and I ask that you also ensure that your child/children wash their hands before leaving home and also when they arrive home. This helps reduce possible virus transmission.


The children are working well in their 'school families' which is great and they really are respecting these new expectations.


Some children have been seen to arrive at school before half past 8, and they then mix on the playground. This is not ideal as we keep the school families separate all day, so mixing in this way is undoing the good work being carried out in school. Please send your child to school within the arrival window so that they can come straight into school and so avoid mixing unnecessarily.


If you are dropping off at the infant school, please do stand behind the YELLOW lines to allow a suitable distance between you and the adult welcoming the children into school. Remember until 2nd December, lockdown rules still apply so children should not be out playing with other households unless they are part of your support bubble.


As I write this, we still have no confirmed cases within the Federation and I want to keep it this way - as I am sure you do too!


As you will be aware, Christmas in school is not going to be the same as usual as we are restricted by what we can and can't do. What we are determined to do is ensure the children still have the opportunity to enjoy Christmas in school in some way.


However, we are not able to allow the sending of Christmas cards due to the cards being an ideal way of the virus being transmitted, instead we will be providing the children with the opportunity to send messages in other ways.


Parents are also very kind at this time of year and often buy or make presents for the staff. In the current climate we would prefer that this did not happen as again, it is another way of the virus being transmitted. It has been a tough year financially for many, so please use your money for your family instead or, if you so wish, donate to the Save the Children Charity.


Please don't think we are being ungrateful, but I don't think it is right to allow staff to receive gifts when the children aren't being allowed to bring in cards.


Christmas Activities:


  • Thursday 10th December       Christmas videos of productions uploaded (providing we can  meet all of the legal obligations required of us to do this)


  • Friday 11th December            Christmas Jumper Day (no money to be sent in - see letter on  website)


  • Monday 14th December        Christmas Movie afternoon


  • Tuesday 15th December         Christmas Dinner day at Infant School


  • Tuesday 15th December         A Christmas Craft activity will then be sent home which the children will have made


  • Wednesday 16th December   Christmas Dinner day at Junior school


  • Thursday 17th December       Class parties across the whole Federation - children can come into school in their party outfit.


Due to social distancing, we cannot have the usual arrangements for Christmas Dinner. Instead, the children will have their Christmas dinner in their own classroom, and celebrate this with the adults who usually work with them.


Please remember that you should collect your child and then leave the site immediately. There are still adults stopping to talk to other adults - this is not allowed - you should be socially distanced at all times and leave with your child, who again should not be mixing with other children. Some parents have expressed concern over other parents letting their children run around and not respecting the lockdown rules. This is law and we should all be following these rules. Now that we are confirmed as being in Tier 2 as from 2nd December, the rules are different and you can meet in a group of 6 outside but this does not include school grounds.


We all want to keep the children, our families and staff safe so please keep your children next to you and leave the site straight away. Thank you.


Finally, please look out for the Christmas Dinner letter which needs to be returned to ensure your child gets their free Christmas Dinner on the date stated above.


With my very best wishes


Stay Safe


Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher