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Covid Update 60

Dear Parents,


As you will be aware, we came out of lockdown today and we are now under the Tier 2 system. This means that we are still not allowed to meet anyone from another household indoors but can meet up to 6 people outside. (Support bubbles are the exception to this)


I would like to point out to everyone, that should anyone be asked to isolate from the end of next week onwards, it will mean that you will have to isolate over Christmas and this may well spoil Christmas for you and your family. I am therefore asking that we all take extra care over the next few weeks to wash hands more frequently, keep contacts to a minimum and socially distance at all times so that we can continue to keep the South View Community safe and avoid having any 'bubbles' closing.


Everyone has been so supportive of what has been put in place, it would be a real shame if we had to close bubbles at this late stage of the term.


Please remember to:

  • Wear face masks if entering the school
  • Socially distance whilst on the school site
  • Keep your children by your side so they aren't mixing with other children outside of their school family bubble
  • Leave the site immediately
  • Keep children off who have symptoms
  • Ring school for advice if you are unsure of what to do regarding your child feeling unwell
  • We will authorise siblings being kept at home, if another sibling has been sent home to isolate, so that we can reduce possible transmission. Work will be set for them during this isolation period. I know many of you have chosen to do this.


So, please keep safe and hopefully we can all enjoy our Christmas break, Covid free.


With best wishes,


Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher