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Eat them to defeat them

Dear Parents/carers,


Today, your child has brought home an ‘Eat them to defeat them’ mission pack. In this pack is a sticker race chart, stickers and information about the campaign.


Eat them to defeat them is a campaign run by Veg Power to encourage children to eat more vegetables and highlight the importance of a healthy diet.


From Monday 27th February to Friday 3rd March your child will be encouraged to eat as many vegetables as possible to ‘defeat them’.

  • At school – Children who eat their vegetables in their school dinner, or part of their packed lunch, will receive a sticker from the lunchtime staff. There are 5 stickers to collect over the week.


  • At home – Each time your child eats a vegetable, they can put a sticker on their chart. Can they eat 15 portions of vegetables in a week?


As we all know, some children do not like eating vegetables and the Veg Power campaign recognises this. They suggest that children are encouraged to smell and/or lick the vegetables first, without the pressure to eat them, if they are reluctant to try new flavours.


Please use the link below to watch the television advert for the campaign; read how you can help your children at home; play some ‘Eat them to defeat them’ games; and enter a competition.




I hope you will enjoy finding new ways to eat more veg with your children.


Yours sincerely,


Miss Allen

MLD RP class teacher