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Emergency Procedure for Adverse Weather



As winter is here, I feel it is important to remind everyone of the procedure should we be unable to open due to adverse weather such as heavy snow. 

If you feel the weather conditions are unsuitable to travel in and are unsure as to whether school is open, please note the following steps will be taken as soon as possible:

  • A message will be placed on the front page of our school web site if school is closed – www.southview-   jun.hants.sch.uk  and Hantsweb.
  • A text message will be sent to the mobile phone number you provided via the SchoolComms text message service.
  • A message will be tweeted via our school Twitter account @SouthViewJr
  • Local radio stations will be notified of our closure and issue bulletins.


If the weather conditions appear to deteriorate during the day when the children are in school, and we require you to pick up your child as early as possible we will notify you through the above communications.  Remember your own safety and be assured that any child would always remain with a member of staff.  If you cannot pick up your child we must have your permission before your children leaves with another parent.  If your child travels by taxi, please ring the school office to ascertain whether you need to collect your child or if the taxi is running.


If you have not yet returned your form giving us permission to contact you via text messaging, or have changed your mobile number since signing up, please contact the office as soon as possible so we can check your details or add you to the system.  Due to data protection we are unable to send text messages without your permission.

We will endeavour to clear the school site in both icy and snowy conditions, however please appreciate that some gates and pathways will not be opened until they have been gritted and made as safe as possible.  The main gate will be the priority entrance to be cleared and gritted.


Please keep this information somewhere safe.  I sincerely hope it will not be necessary to implement this procedure, but feel it is very important to be fully aware of exactly what will happen should the weather deteriorate.