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Infants Only - Change of Menu w/c 22-05-23

Dear Parent/Carer                                                                                               

We would like to advise, that unfortunately, we are still having to change our menu for next week due to technical issues within the kitchen.


Therefore, the menu week beginning Monday 22nd May will be:

Monday         Red option = Sausage wrap       Green option = Cheese roll

Pudding = Smoothie


Tuesday          Red option = Ham roll               Green option = Veggie goujon wrap

Pudding = Pancakes


Wednesday    Red option = Tuna roll               Green option = Pizza

Pudding = Jelly


Thursday        Red option = Pork sausage roll Green option = Cheese roll

Pudding = Rice Krispie cake


Friday             Red option = Ham sandwich      Green option = Cheese sandwich

Pudding = Biscuit