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Multiplication Tables Check - SVJ

Dear Parents


You may be aware, that in June 2024, there is a check for year 4 children called the “Multiplication Tables Check” introduced by the DfE. On our website is an ‘Information for Parents’ booklet and here is what you need to know:


Under the national curriculum, primary school children are expected to know all of their times tables up to 12 x12 by the end of Year 4.  We have been preparing students to know their times tables by the end of year 4 for quite some time now.  However, any additional practice at home will, of course, benefit your child.

 The check itself

  • Will take place between 3rd June and 14th June.
  • Is done online, in school, using a computer or tablet.
  • Can be done one student at a time, in groups or as a class.
  • Will feature 25 questions and children will have 6 seconds to answer each question.
  • There is no problem solving or division - just simple “3 x 4 = ?” type questions.


Practice at home

Because maths is such a big subject, and we will of course continue to teach the full curriculum, we will need your continued support to help practise the times tables with your children. Some easy ways to do this include:

  • Asking questions such as “What’s 7 x 8?”
  • Reciting times tables by rote (4 times 1 is 4, 4 times 2 is 8, etc).
  • Using apps and games.  All children have access to MathsShed (by using their Spelling Shed login) and MathsFrame via the South View Junior School Apps page.  There are activities on these sites that almost exactly mirror the 'Multiplication Tables Check'.
  • Singing times tables songs - there are plenty available online.


Why do we learn the times tables?

Times tables are a vital life skill.  In primary school, times tables knowledge is important for quick mental maths calculations and problem solving, as well as for many of the topics children learn in years 5 and 6 (division, fractions, percentages etc).

If you have any further questions about the multiplication tables check then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely


Mrs K Young

Maths Manager


The information booklet is located at Parents/Letters/Junior School Letters/2024