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NSPCC Number Day 2023 – Equal Shmequal

Dear Parents

NSPCC Number Day 2023 – Equal Shmequal

We are delighted that The South View Federation will be supporting the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) by taking part in NSPCC Number Day on Friday 3rd February 2023.


The theme for this year is ‘Equal’.  There will be fun based maths challenges all about what ‘Equal’ means.  These will based on the book ‘Equal Shmequal’ by Virginia Kroll.


Number Day is a great way to make maths fun and bring a positive, “can-do” attitude towards it.  As part of the fun, pupils are invited to dress up, representing a number, for the day.  All we ask for is a donation of at least 50p per child for NSPCC.


We look forward to seeing the children representing numbers.