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Parent Update 27.01.2022

Dear Parents,
Sadly, it seems that Covid cases are on the rise and we now have cases, in just about all classes, across the federation.
I know many of you are testing your children, and this has been enough to stop some children coming in to school with the virus, as they have been identified as positive (but with no symptoms) and so stopped it spreading further. However, I am asking that more of you test your children regularly for the sake of everyone in the school, as well as your own family. It only takes one asymptomatic case (no symptoms) coming in to school and that child spreads it to other children and staff.
If your child has symptoms, please do get a PCR before sending them into school. Symptoms have ranged from the well publicised cough, temperature, loss of taste and smell, but most have started with headache/sore throat/sneezing/runny nose - all of the symptoms associated with a cold. So, please, do not presume it is a cold, please get a test before sending children to school. I know some members of our school community have been very ill with Covid, including hospitalisation in a few cases, and I really want to do all I can to prevent this happening to more of our families.
We still have measures in place at school, as we have had throughout the pandemic. Despite rules being relaxed, we have continued to keep year groups separate in school as far as is possible, separate toilets, rigorous cleaning, hand washing and gel used frequently, good ventilation and sending any child home who is unwell/symptomatic. Lunchtimes and breakfast club have separate year group tables as well. The only time the children really mix is at lunchtime/playtime when they are outside and transmission risk is very low.
Please help us to break this chain of infection and keep our community safe.
Many thanks

Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher