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Parent Update 66 - 14.01.2021

Dear Parents,
We are now nearing the end of the second week of lockdown and unfortunately, I am starting to hear of a few cases of Covid within our school community. None of the cases confirmed have attended school, but nevertheless we wish them all a speedy recovery and hope that other members of their family manage to keep safe and avoid contracting this virus.  As I mentioned in my last update, even if your child is not in school, but you have a positive case within your household, please do let us know as it helps us build a picture of what is happening in our school community although these cases are not officially reported. 
Please make sure you do all you can to keep safe. No one should be mixing with other households unless part of their one bubble they are allowed to form and keep washing your hands and maintaining social distances at all times.
As I have said in previous updates, the numbers of children attending in Year R was high, it is now so high that we are moving to split the classes back into 2 separate classes. So, from Monday the children will revert back to their normal classes of Owl and Badger to reduce the number of children in one room. However, what this does mean is that if a positive case should be identified and some children/staff have to isolate I have no extra staff to cover the rest of the class as both year R teachers will be in school at the same time, and may both have to isolate. Also, as a result of both being in school, they will only be able to support the home learning at certain times of the day. So please be mindful of this if your child's home learning is not responded to as quickly as it has been. Previously one teacher was teaching and the other supporting the home learning. With the best will in the world they can't do both things at the same time.
I will review the situation weekly. The rest of the Federation remains the same in that one teacher will teach their relevant year group and the other will take charge of the home learning for the week. So far this has worked very well as the children are receiving dedicated support from a teacher in their year group whether they are in school or at home.
The Government also updated their guidance at the end of last week, stating that they now expect nurseries, attached to schools, to open for all children on roll. We believe that we have contacted everyone who attends our nursery, and a couple more children are now attending. Fortunately, at the moment, we have the staff to be able to cover all sessions.
FSM vouchers have now been ordered by the school whilst we await the Government to clarify their voucher scheme. Hopefully they will be with those families who are eligible very soon. I felt vouchers were a better option than food hampers as the vouchers allow you more flexibility as to what to buy. Please let school know if you are struggling to provide food for your family, whether you are entitled to FSM or not.  Spotlight are providing food parcels and I could try to order one on your behalf. I do not want any of our families going hungry during these difficult times.
Some good news is that we have received some grants from Tesco and AWE to help provide more equipment and resources for the schools. £500 was received from Tesco Bags of Help and £1000 from AWE. Thank you to both of these companies for choosing to support our schools.
Please remember we are here for you if you need help, advice or guidance.
Stay safe
With my very best wishes,

Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher