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Parent Update 67 - 18.01.2021

Dear Parents,


The number of children attending school has now risen significantly in year 2, as well as year R. So, as from today, both year R and both year 2 classes are open to reduce the number of children in one room. We will continue to do this in other year groups should it be needed. As I said in my update last week, where this has been necessary, it does mean that the teachers will not be able to check the on-line learning as often as they have been, as they can't be in class and on line at the same time. Please be understanding if they are not as prompt at responding as they were previously, when one of them was purely supporting the on-line learning.


Since my update last week, many parents have responded to my request to keep us up to date about cases within the family. There has been a definite increase in cases over the last week and we have had a number of positive cases for parents, but none, as yet for any children. Please can I remind you all, that if anyone in your family has been tested due to showing symptoms, you should all be isolating until a result is received. Some parents are reporting cold like symptoms and then testing positive - so I would rather the children were kept off school until you know for certain, rather than risk transmission by sending your children to school. Test results, where they have been carried out at a walk-in test centre, do seem to be coming through very quickly at the moment - which is a good thing. If in doubt please ring school for advice. Please keep informing the school of cases and any testing, as it is helping us have a clearer picture of what is happening out in the community and I can, in turn,  update you too.


If you receive a test result at the weekend, or a family member shows symptoms and a test is being booked for them, please let us know via the school contact form on the website. This is a secure way of contacting us as it goes straight to Mrs Morton (business manager) and she passes it on to me.


Last week we had a visit from a Local Authority Inspector who looked at our provision for home learning. They were very impressed with what is being provided, the amount of work which the children are completing as well as the quality. I know how much time it takes to support your children with their learning, but by doing so, you are ensuring that your child is keeping pace with the new learning happening in school. So, when they do return to school, there is little catch up needed. Keep up the great work!


The Primary Behaviour Service have put together a comprehensive support pack for parents that may be of use to you and your families during these challenging times. For full access to the resource it is best viewed in presentation mode and is available on our 'Information for Parents' page.


It is good to hear that vaccinations are being rolled out now and hopefully that will start to help the situation further, but in the meantime, please take care and keep socially distancing.


With my best wishes


Stay safe,


Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher