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Parent Update 76 - 08.03.2021

Dear Parents,


It was lovely to see all of the children back today. We had over 98% attendance which was fantastic. Good attendance is essential now to ensure the children are at school to access the learning they need to cover by the end of the year. I sincerely hope there are no more lockdowns in the future.


The children settled in so well today and I saw so many smiling and happy faces, it was lovely to see they were genuinely pleased to be back in school.


As I said in a previous update, lockdown rules still apply and government guidance states that only one adult should collect a child and then leave the site immediately. Adults should not be interacting with other adults as this is not allowed under lockdown rules. Please ensure you have your child/children by your side and then leave the site.


Tonight, both Mr Bond and I noticed children up trees, in the crater, on the trim trail - they MUST be by your side. We go out of our way to keep the children in their separate bubbles in school, to keep them safe, they are then seen to be mixing with other children in other year groups which then puts them, and others, at risk of transmitting the virus. In effect, if a 'bubble' has to be closed due to a confirmed case and your child has been seen mixing with that bubble after school, I am afraid they will need to isolate too.


However, it was good to see so many of you respecting the lockdown and trying to keep us all safe, but we need everyone to follow the rules to ensure we keep everyone as safe as possible.


Thank you to those of you who passed on their thanks for the work we are doing in school, it is greatly appreciated.


As we are now back full time, I will only write an update when there is information which I need to share. You will continue to receive a text to let you know an update has been posted on the website.


Sadly, I know a number of parents have lost their jobs during this pandemic. If you feel you are now eligible for Free School Meals, then please contact either office, or access the link on our website, to see if you qualify. If you do, this will allow extra funding for your child as well as providing them with a free school lunch. Do not miss out on your entitlements!


Those of you who were provided with a school laptop to access online learning, please can you return them as soon as possible as we will be needing them for use in school.


Please continue to follow the lockdown rules and stay safe


With my very best wishes,


Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher