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Parent Update 73 - 23.02.2021

Dear Parents,


I am sure many of you watched the Prime Minister announce his plans last night at 7p.m., just as I did. Therefore, you will know, that as from Monday 8th March 2021, all children should return to school, full time. 


I know that our arrangements from the autumn term were successful both from an academic point of view as well as a safety point of view. However, I would like to review all of the procedures in line with the latest guidance which I have started to wade through. I will update you fully on the re- opening plans in my Thursday update. I just want to make sure they are the best they can be.


In the meantime, all of those families who are entitled to FSM, where the children are not currently attending school, will receive their vouchers for these next 2 weeks as usual. No further vouchers will be issued after the 8th March as all children should be in school.


I am guessing that some of you will be glad for a little more normality with the children returning, but there may well be some of you who are anxious about this after being at home for so long. Please do ring into school to talk through any concerns you have so we can support you and your family and enable this to be a smooth return for you all.


I know home learning has been really tough for many of you, for different reasons, and I know there will be a great deal of catching up to do for most children. However, I can absolutely assure you that we will be assessing the children thoroughly before deciding on the best way forward for them. Learning is like a series of building blocks and it is so important to ensure those foundations of learning are strong, so there will be a very strong focus on filling any gaps in their learning when they return.


Please stay safe.


With best wishes,

Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher