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Update 11.06.2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


I begin my update today with some very happy news: Miss Evans, who works in the junior school office, gave birth last week to a beautiful baby girl weighing 5lbs and 10ozs, called Darci Coral. We are delighted that Mum and baby are doing well and our best wishes go to them all. Congratulations!


I am also pleased to say that a number of parents took advantage of the opportunity to review their child’s attendance at school and we have got approximately 35 more children starting across the federation next week. I am sure they will settle just as well as the other children have, and can re-start their learning for the last few weeks of the term. In fact Christine Singh, a speech and language therapist who works in school sent this comment to us after working in school earlier this week:


I am so incredibly impressed by how the children are so happy and settled and adhere to the new way of working so well. You are all exceptional .

This is an absolute testament to the professionalism and talent of you all as a staff and I just wish that parents could be able to be a’ fly on the wall ‘and to see the fantastic work you are all doing


The children have been exceptional, and have totally accepted this new way of working yet realising the importance of maintaining their regular hand washing regime.


As the end of term approaches, rather rapidly, we are working on a transition plan for both the year 2 and year 6 children. Ideally it would be lovely if we could have them all back, in small groups, to enable the teachers to say goodbye to them. For the year 2 children almost all of them are transferring to the junior school, so they will be able to see their friends again in the autumn but I am hoping to be able to offer the opportunity for them to visit the junior school at least once before the end of the term.


For the year 6 children, they are mostly transferring to The Vyne but there are a significant number moving to other secondary schools in Basingstoke. Again it would be lovely to give them the opportunity to say goodbye. We will certainly miss them all.


I am hoping to have these plans out to you over the next couple of weeks.


Annual reports are still going to be sent out to all parents as planned, but obviously they are only able to reflect the work the children had covered until the end of March. Nevertheless, it is important for you to be able to see how your child was progressing before the Lockdown. Along with their reports there will be a letter informing you of who your child’s new class teacher will be. Our usual whole federation transition day will not be possible but again, we are looking to see how we can provide a way of the children meeting their new teacher so that they do not worry over the summer holidays.


I am sure you have heard on the news reports about children attending school over the summer holidays. I have been asked if I know how this is going to be organised. The simple answer is no - I only know what I have heard on the news. No information at all has been shared with schools but I believe that the Education Secretary is due to share his big plans next week.


The lockdown has now been eased a little more with shops open from Monday 15th June. Please be careful if you do visit shops, we have all done so well at keeping this virus away, it would be a shame to spoil that now. Furthermore, if you are a single parent with children under 18, you are allowed to create a ‘bubble’ with another household, to provide you with support and company. If you do form a ‘bubble’ it should be with only one other household and you can’t change who this is once established as this will only increase the risk of the virus spreading further. If you want to know more about forming a ‘bubble’ and who is eligible to do so, then please give me a call.


Finally, we still have food at school should you need any – please just ask at either school reception.


Stay safe.


With my very best wishes

Mrs Sheila Pape

Executive Headteacher