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World Book Day - Thursday 7th March

Dear Parents/Carer,


This year, World Book Day falls on Thursday 7th March. World Book Day is a day set aside every year to celebrate reading, books, authors and illustrators. World Book Day celebrates the joy and value of books and reading, especially for children. To help get them started on their reading journey, every child receives a £1 World Book Day Book Token that can either be exchanged for one of the ten special £1 World Book Day books or used to get £1 off any book costing £2.99 or more. You can find out more about the books and ideas on how to share books at home at worldbookday.com/books. Your child will be bringing their voucher home on Friday 23rd February to ensure you get the book you want!


The theme this year is ‘Read Your Way’ and being able to read for pleasure. Therefore, we are giving children the opportunity to come to school dressed as a character or a person from a book that they enjoy reading. They could be a cat or an animal from their favourite fictional story, a footballer from a non-fiction text or a scientist if they love learning about science and the world! The possibilities are endless. Please do not feel that you have to buy something new; we don't want anyone to incur any additional costs in putting together their outfits.


We look forward to seeing everyone dressed up as part of World Book Day and taking part in a selection of exciting reading activities.


Kind regards,



Miss E Sheldon                                                                                     Mr P Grinham

English Leader                                                                                      English Leader