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Year 2 Transition.- Tuesday 14th June

Dear Parents,


As you will be aware, your child has been offered a year 3 place at South View Junior School for September 2022 and I am delighted to say that once again we are able to offer some transition visits for you to visit the school and ask any questions you may have.


I am very aware that a lot of parents already have siblings at the junior school and so know the school well, however, we will be offering a brief introduction to the school, (about 30 minutes) in the school hall, which will include a walk through the school.


If you would like to attend one of these brief induction tours, then please book via the infant school office. Please note these visits are for parents only, the children will have their own visits.


The times available are: 


       Tuesday 14th June at 9.30a.m; 11a.m or 1.30p.m.


You will be able to collect your child’s induction pack during your visit or from the JUNIOR school office at any time after Monday 20th June 2022.


A letter confirming their new class will be included in their end of year report but as we want to start some transition work for the children sooner than that, a text will be sent on Wednesday 22nd June to the phone number we hold for the ‘number one contact’, informing you of your child’s class for next year.


If you haven’t received a text by 3p.m. on that date then you will need to phone the infant school to check your contact details are up to date and we can then let you know which class your child is in.

Please note that we are not able to inform you of other children in their class due to data protection laws.


Best wishes


Mrs S Pape

Executive Headteacher